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Monthly Horoscopes for August 2011

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Here are the monthly horoscopes for:

Aries August 2011 Horoscope.
Taurus August 2011 Horoscope.
Gemini August 2011 Horoscope.
Cancer August 2011 Horoscope.
Leo August 2011 Horoscope.
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Scorpio August 2011 Horoscope.
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Monthly Horoscopes for July 2011

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Here are the monthly horoscopes for:

Aries July 2011 Horoscope.
Taurus July 2011 Horoscope.
Gemini July 2011 Horoscope.
Cancer July 2011 Horoscope.
Leo July 2011 Horoscope.
Virgo July 2011 Horoscope.
Libra July 2011 Horoscope.
Scorpio July 2011 Horoscope.
Sagittarius July 2011 Horoscope.
Capricorn July 2011 Horoscope.
Aquarius July 2011 Horoscope.
Pisces July 2011 Horoscope.


To 2012 and Beyond – The Outer Planets

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Uranus along with Neptune and Pluto are ‘transpersonal planets’ and trigger generational cycles which affect us globally. In 2011 Uranus and Pluto along with Saturn will be impacting us very strongly which means that the bigger wheels or so-called ‘circumstances beyond our control’ will have a bearing to a greater or lesser degree according to our natal charts.
In general, Uranus has, since March been zeroing in on the slower moving Pluto. As mentioned in the forecast I did for 2011 when these 2 get together they tend to produce sudden events worldwide which set us back on our heels and force us to reassess aspects of our lifestyle. Their job in your life and in all our lives is to tear down an existing order to clear the decks for new growth. In your life the degree of this change depends on how they aspect your natal chart, but globally this combination can be explosive, powerful and ultimately revitalizing and regenerating. Uranus is about change and Pluto is about evolution and they can manifest as external factors, or the bigger wheels forcing disruption or upheaval upon us. In the current aspect there is likely to be turbulence, stress and trauma in certain places at certain times. That, plus the current conjunction of the North Node with the Galactic Centre amounts to a huge evolutionary kick in the pants for some of us.

In 2011 these 2 will be closest to each other from June until December. In the preceding period, where we are now, the aspect has been getting into gear since March.

Over May, June and some of July 2011, Saturn will also be throwing her weight into this mix slowing the evolutionary action of Pluto, exposing the cracks and forcing us to realize we cannot paper over them this time.
Saturn is the planet of boundaries and structures, physical, mental, emotional and tends to put up resistance and slow down the process of change. When Pluto and Saturn are in aspect to each other, a force is put into operation which challenges boundaries, limitations and inhibitions we have set upon ourselves or which the status quo, or authority figures or our past conditioning have set upon us. However it is for you, Pluto will trigger a cycle of de-structuring those historical constructs, helping us break free of restricting self-definitions which may have kept us safe (and perhaps asleep) in the past, but which we increasingly find claustrophobic or counterproductive. A bit like the chick laboriously pecking its way out of the egg.

So, in many cases what has spelt security, tradition and normality for us will be challenged worldwide in certain places at certain times.

Pluto will root out deeply ingrained patterns in our systems and authoritarian societies, and we will see underlying discontent with these emerging. But the old hierarchical Saturn structures which have housed certain individuals and groups who abuse their power and are manipulative with power – like dictators and large corporations which influence government policy will dig in their heels even after they are called on their actions by the people. The power of Pluto and Uranus, planets of change, have Saturn planet of tradition, in a pincer movement and that means her stability, protection, boundaries and limits will be severely shaken by the action of these two transformational and evolutionary forces.

Bad news for the outlived systems and structures, good news for the clearing necessary to abolish or build upon other structures.

For you personally it could mean you have to face some insecurities and testing circumstances for the time Saturn is aspecting important points in your natal chart. Maybe certain set-ups which have always meant security and normality for you won’t be there any more, or not in the form you are used to. External changes of circumstances around you could create a crisis, minor or major, for you to make decisions about. It’s Saturn’s job to build walls for safety in social hierarchies and it’s Pluto’s job to tear them down and Uranus’s job to shake them up. So, for a while, a lot of balls will be in the air before landing in their new positions. The challenges will help you become aware how the fears you have carried all your life have held you away from your real and powerful self with the right to choose that which makes you feel good.

So if you have had a long-term habit of being in a ‘good-enough’ situation in your personal or professional life, which doesn’t make you feel particularly happy then, during this transit, you will get the chance to re-contour your identity and redesign your life as you meet adversity, roll with it, and prove to yourself your ability to deal with it and ultimately be more creative and successful in your life in a more authentic, true to yourself kind of a way. And as I said the timing of the impact of these forces and the response you make to them will depend on your individual natal chart.

The sign Pluto is in – Capricorn – rules hierarchies and the establishment, the status quo, across the world but also the earth and her ancient history. Much will be uncovered as the bones beneath our feet begin to speak their secrets about our origins. Earth’s rocky outer skeleton and her climate are due to rock and roll in certain areas during this Uranus/Pluto transit over 2011 and 2012.

So it’s shaking out the rugs time for Mother Earth herself. And we may just find that lost key down the back of the sofa!

Uranus now in Aries, for seven years, signals there’s likely to be a series of external influences which are sudden and which could catapult us into change within ourselves or with the powers that be related to our normal lines of supply in certain places at certain times.

BUT on the plus side, we are likely to see an explosion of amazing new inventions and vast changes to how and where we produce food, power, and energy. Answers will be found on how we can store it for later use. We will see weird and wonderful solutions to increasingly expensive and dwindling stocks of fossil fuels. Probably more reliance on wind, sun and geothermal. But maybe hidden reserves of substances which were right under our noses will be discovered which meet all our power needs in a safer, renewable and long-term manner. Ways to collect and purify water, changes in medicine, education, transport systems, communications, government, banking and business may have a more co-operative feel, with the needs and requirements of the people they serve in control at the centre rather than the other way around.

Amazing breakthroughs in science will happen over the seven years Uranus is in Aries and there will be a steady and sometime accelerated revolution in our lifestyles in certain places at certain times as these changes are fought for and applied.

On another level, Uranus, planet of the collective mind, humanitarianism, brotherhood/sisterhood and light energy is also the higher vibration of the feminine principle in both men and women. Uranus the planetary ruler of Aquarius unifies masculine and feminine to create a form which integrates both genders. Uranus rules the archetype of the Angel, that masculine/feminine being from the higher realms which brings the messages to help mankind. The word Angel means ‘message bearer’. Whether we call them Angels or off planet beings, or higher self or the light body, they are intelligences with a more expanded consciousness and they are beaming through many individuals already with teaching and advice to help us raise our vibration and be more in alignment with our light bodies.
With Uranus now in the sign of the dawning, the seeding, the sign of direct action – Aries. We will see the gates open allowing the feminine principle which has been so out of balance with the masculine in both men and women to take it’s rightful place in the scheme of things. Women and the feminine in men are responding to the signal of Uranus and are already claiming their right not only to choose what is better for their communities but, in some cases, becoming the way-showers, the connectors between the earthly and the higher vibrational frequencies of integrity and unity.

And now the really good news. The arrival of Neptune, planet of empathy and compassion into it’s home sign, Pisces after more than 150 years could be the saving grace amidst these times of change and upheaval across the globe. Neptune emphasizes how we are all connected to this Earth, and to each other not only upon this planet but to planets and dimensions beyond. This transit of Neptune will incline us to start looking after each-other instead of just competing with each other, (better late than never!). In fact some situations will force us to be more considerate and put ourselves out more as individuals or a group.

But along the way, there will be adjustments in our relationship with our own egos and the powers-that-be over the next few years.

Neptune rules the pineal gland – the third eye – and holds a vibration beyond mind and the 5 senses. Neptune in Pisces is emotion and feeling, sensing, being. It is not linear or logical, or analytical or target based or competitive.

Neptune working powerfully from it’s home sign will awaken the spirit within us and get us to realize how all things are connected and that we are part of a greater whole. Neptune is not dualism it is unity. This force will arouse the higher centres and make it easier for us to connect us with omnipotent source.
Many will have telepathic experiences and hear and see in ways which do not use the senses of sight or hearing. This can be confusing of course if you are not used to it but the ability has always been latent within you. Gut instinct will be amplified and it’s advisable to hone these abilities through meditation exercises which still the mind and open the way to flow into the frequency of unity, wholeness and the divinity that you are. The Neptune vibration will encourage the higher vibration of love, compassion and spiritually in action to take root in our communities the more we surrender our fears, pain and judgements all of which keep us separate from our wellbeing and joy.

It’s likely we will see the return of romanticism and beauty in the arts too. The long transit of Neptune through Aquarius – a non-emotional, rather scientific mind-orientated sign produced works of art like the cow in the tank of formaldehyde by Damien Hurst. More like a lab specimen than a thing of beauty. It produced sci-fi movies like Star Wars, and more a more electronic version of art and music. But with Neptune, ruler of the arts, finally in Pisces again we will probably see poetry, music, dance, romantic tear-jerkers as well as a more spiritual, transcendental vision expressed through fashion, story and film etc. Yes transcendental will be a keyword especially when this transit gets going properly from Feb 2012.

In the group consciousness more value will be put on public wellbeing and how the arts have a healing, cohesive role to play in communities. More opportunity to dance, make music in the streets, and share in more joyous, heart-felt ways across the world may be coming our way.

For a long time we have received and will continue to receive oodles of help, advice and support from our own Higher Awareness/deeper Wisdom, spiritual beings and also cousins from other Galaxies who will increase contact. But we need to raise our vibration to get access to higher dimensional support in an open and awake manner. And we cannot do that if we inhabit judgement, blame, pain and fear.

That’s the challenge!
As we advance through this special window of opportunity which will take us into the 2020′s we should open our hearts to the higher energies which bring inspiration, guidance and intuitive knowing into our awareness. Too much has been invested by those who have seeded ‘Gaia’ and our gene pool over millenia for them to let her or us ‘fall’ now.

So we have back-up!

But it’s a two way street and they need our co-operation as our actions and our goodwill will be the deciding factor of how well we use this moment between the in-breath and the out-breath, this turning point in our history.


Monthly Horoscopes for May 2011

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Monthly Horoscopes for April 2011

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Monthly Horoscopes for February 2011

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Here are the monthly horoscopes for :

Aries February 2011 Horoscope.
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Yearly Horoscopes
Just to let you know, from now on you can find yearly horoscopes at these addresses:

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December 2010 Astrology: Mercury Retrograde, and Lunar Eclipse

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Mercury goes retrograde from the 10th of December until the 30th December, through Capricorn and Sagittarius. If it makes an aspect to your Sun, planets, or important point in your natal chart, then your mental focus will be upon presentation, image, achieving goals and feeling scrutinized when in Capricorn. Perhaps also communications, education, long-distance contacts or travel when in Sagittarius, and there might be some re-thinking or rescheduling necessary, as delays or going over some old ground may occur. This could be beneficial as it helps clarify things. Patience will be necessary at times though…

On the wider stage, Pluto and Mercury may provoke a clash of values with authority figures, or those we hope to impress favourably. It can mean increasing awareness in the group consciousness that there are underlying factors which the powers-that-be have either avoided, overlooked, or wish to keep in place, because it serves their interests. Pluto and Mercury will emphasis the urge to cut through the fluff, and get to the bottom of what’s really going on. A deeper questioning of the wisdom or integrity of those in positions of power and a questioning of the validity of business corporations, money markets and other systems on which we depend for the smooth running of our societies will be triggered.

The Lunar Eclipse on 21st in the last degree of Gemini, if in aspect to your Sun, planets or important points in your natal chart, gives the opportunity to create positive change over coming months in areas related to education, communications, travel, creative self-expression.

Venus going direct in Scorpio brings more ease into personal relationships, money or property matters and anything or anyone you are passionate about.


Monthly Horoscopes for December 2010

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